In a day that saw internet marketers set the agenda for a week in Melbourne, Gdi internet Marketing Australia (GMA) held a day-long digital marketing summit in Sydney.GMA’s Global Business Network (GBN) and digital marketing conference were both featured in the summit’s opening session on Monday.

Key points:GMA CEO Peter Smith says digital marketing has become more important in recent years with a number of organisations now relying on digital marketing as a key way to reach audiencesThe summit’s keynote speaker, GMA CEO and CEO of GBN, Peter Smith, says he believes digital marketing is becoming more important”There are a number organisations that are using digital marketing in their marketing strategy to reach their customers,” Mr Smith said.

“Digital marketing is still the key way of reaching the customers in the world.”

We think the digital is the digital.

“He said it is a key part of the strategy for organisations to keep up with changing consumer behaviour.”

For example, when you talk to your target audience, they might not know if they’re going to have a new iPhone or a new Samsung TV,” he said.”[Digital marketing] is also the way in which you deliver information that is tailored to the target audience.

“Mr Smith said GMA had been growing in recent months with a new conference in September.”GMA is a global organisation and the global marketing landscape has changed over the last two to three years,” he explained.”

So, in some ways it is still a relatively young organisation and we have been growing, but there is also growth going on in some other sectors and in some emerging markets.

“Mr Hart said the conference was a reflection of the changing digital landscape.”

You’re seeing organisations such as Uber and Airbnb and all the other platforms, which have now become so successful that they’ve started to take on a global reach and they’re also looking to use technology in order to deliver their services,” he told”

The internet has been the way to go and it’s certainly the way we will continue to look to deliver services on the web.

“He added that the conference would be focused on a variety of topics such as content and social media and would be attended by an array of stakeholders including the industry and government.”

There is a wide range of organisations who are looking to engage with digital marketing,” Mr Hart said.

Gda’s chief executive, Peter Tambellini, has been speaking at the summit for the past two years and said the event was “a good way for people to meet and get to know each other and see how Gda operates”.”

We’re looking forward to seeing the global community of digital marketers and organisations coming together at the conference to talk about how they’re working together,” he stated in a statement.”

I would like to thank the Gda team for the excellent work they’ve done over the past 10 years to create the global network that is now at the heart of the digital industry.

“Mr Tambettini said the summit would be “a great opportunity for the industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing”.”

Gda has been providing a great service to the industry for years and we will look forward to sharing our experiences at the next digital marketing event,” he added.