After the US Supreme Court legalized online video in 2011, a slew of US law firms began turning to the internet to help build their practice.

Now, a growing number of lawyers are turning their attention to the legal arena, focusing their attention on the internet’s ability to create new opportunities for growth and profits.

In a survey of the top lawyers in the US, lawyer and media analyst Jeremy Rubin found that nearly all were working with the internet.

“We saw the rise of the internet as a way to connect the people who have been left behind in the legal system,” Rubin told Quartz.

Rubin also found that many of these lawyers are not just using the internet in their practice, but are also working in it, as well.

“This is a very big shift, because these are lawyers who are using the Internet in their jobs,” he said.

Rubin noted that a growing portion of these new lawyers are looking for opportunities to leverage their legal skills to expand their clients’ business.

The internet and the legal profession are increasingly moving to the cloud to avoid having to rely on paper records.

This shift is a trend that Rubin is hoping to see continue as the legal industry grows.

“Law firms are increasingly outsourcing legal work to a cloud provider, and it is increasingly a trend of the cloud,” he told Quartz, referring to the new way lawyers work.

“What I think is happening is that a lot of law firms are seeing a need to move away from traditional records and to be able to build these cloud-based businesses, and that’s a trend I think we are going to see more and more.”

A growing number