It’s been a year since I signed up for Facebook, and it’s been like five years since I have seen any real growth in my personal and professional life.

When I first started using Facebook, I thought it was an amazing platform for sharing my thoughts on social issues and other topics.

It was an incredible way to connect with people who I thought would agree with my point of view.

But when I started to use it more, I realized that it wasn’t the best way to express my opinions on things.

And I became more and more frustrated that I wasn’t getting the same level of support that I did with my own personal accounts.

Instead of finding other people who shared my same perspective, I found that I had to constantly be looking for people who agreed with my views.

I found that, as I got more into social media, I became even more frustrated and frustrated at my inability to find other people with similar opinions.

Facebook is great for sharing ideas, but it is not a platform for supporting those who disagree with you.

Even if you agree with something I have to find someone who agrees with you, or find a way to get support from someone who supports your opinion, because that’s not the best model for fostering a strong community.

If you are an expert in your field, or even just a good human being, and you want to make friends on Facebook, you can.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are a lot of good ways to make new friends.

Here are a few of them.


Join a Facebook group for friends to connect online 2.

Find friends who share your interests and hobbies 3.

Ask friends to invite you to social events and meetups 4.

Ask other people to help you with your projects and projects to get better feedback on them.


Post on the Internet for new friends to be able to ask questions about your project 6.

Ask your friends to share your experiences with the world 7.

Become a regular poster on a popular online discussion forum, where you can post questions and ask others to answer them.


Get more support from other people in your area by participating in events and activities.


Share your work with people around the world, so you can receive feedback from them.


Become an online mentor for others and learn how to share content better and faster.


Join your local local Facebook group to share what you are passionate about.


Find a group of like-minded people in the city to hang out and chat.


Go on to connect and meet new people.


Join one of the hundreds of Facebook groups to get advice, learn about topics, and share your personal and social experiences.


Become part of a Facebook community to learn about other communities and share ideas.


Get a social media account to use to share things on your behalf.


Join an online community to ask other people questions about you.


Find an online chat room to meet people and share the news.


Become friends with a random stranger on and start talking about whatever you are feeling.


Become one of many Facebook groups dedicated to a specific subject or topic.


Go online to the local library or bookstore to ask a question and talk about it. 22.

Go to a movie theater to see a new movie or meet people to discuss it. 23.

Learn something new from someone you meet on


Join or start a Facebook event to meet other people interested in the same subject.


Get advice from a person who knows someone you can reach out to. 26.

Use your Facebook profile to post your photos to a public gallery for people to see.


Make a video about something you love or are passionate for.


Join Facebook groups where you share your ideas, get feedback from other members, and ask questions.


Join the Reddit community where people can ask each other questions about what they are passionate or interested in. 30.

Use a private messaging app to get feedback and connect with other people.


Find and follow people who are passionate in their fields and are willing to share their experiences and knowledge.


Use Facebook’s new community community to meet new friends and share their interests.


Join and grow your local Facebook community and get more feedback from people who agree with you and your ideas.