England football players, clubs and management staff will be hit by the UK’s internet marketing rules, as internet marketing restrictions will be enforced across all football nations.

The Football Association announced that the English national team and English Premier League will have to change their online marketing strategies to abide by the new rules, which come into effect on April 1st.

“We know this will cause a number of significant issues for players, players’ families and fans alike,” FA chief executive Martin Glenn said.

“In this instance we are particularly mindful of the ongoing impact of this Government’s blanket ban on social media in England.”

The ban will make it more difficult for clubs to plan and run the campaigns they have planned to engage fans in the coming months.

“It will also make it harder for clubs and players to communicate directly with their fans and players in the weeks and months ahead.”

Players and clubs from England, the United States and Germany are the first countries in the world to be hit with a blanket ban.

Affected sportsman and women are also facing bans from football in Spain, France and Italy.

“There is no doubt that we are witnessing the first steps in a process that is already underway and which will have a lasting impact on football and our game,” Glenn said in a statement.

“As part of the FA’s long-term plan to deliver world class sport, we are also determined to ensure that the game remains a global success, not just for England, but for all sport.”

So as part of our ongoing commitment to our community, we have worked with the Football League and the other football associations to put in place a set of rules to help the game remain a world class success.

“Glenn said that the new policies will be rolled out across England on an “ongoing” basis.”

This will make the sport of football more accessible to more people, as well as providing support to the game’s elite teams, clubs, players and fans in this crucial time,” he said.

The rules will be in place across all sports, including cricket, football, softball, ice hockey, ice skating and rugby union.”

These new measures will ensure that our game continues to be a global destination for sport and entertainment,” Glenn added.