A quick scan of Google Trends shows that the top internet marketing firms are slowly gaining traction, but are still struggling to make any real gains.

The top 10 most popular internet marketing accounts on Google Trends are: 1.

HubSpot 2.

Amazon 3.

Twitter 4.

Hubspot 5.

Microsoft 6.

Microsoft 7.

Zendesk 8.

Shopify 9.

Salesforce 10.

Google Trends (via Google)  Google Trends is a tool which tracks the activity of the most popular search engines in a given time period.

In the past, the top web search engines have generally dominated the top ten most popular accounts, with the notable exception of Google’s own SERPs.

This time around, however, the search engines seem to be in a more equal competition with one leading the way with nearly 60% of the top 100 search engine searches occurring on HubSpot and Microsoft.

As a result, Google Trends is slowly being replaced by a number of smaller websites and social media platforms which are now gaining traction and are helping to diversify the internet marketing landscape. 

The Top 10 most Popular Twitter Accounts in 2018:1.

HubsSpot 2: #1. 


@hubspot_2 4.








@PinterestHQ  #3. 

4 .

@InstagramHQ5:  #1.


@twitterHQ #6. 





Spotify, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all become more popular as they have taken over from other popular web marketing platforms.

The Top 5 most Popular Websites on Twitter:1 @BuzzFeedHQ 2 @YouTubeHQ3 @GoogleHQ4 @PinterestHQ5 @LinkedInHQ6 @AmazonHQ7 @HubSpotHQ8 @MicrosoftHQ9 @SalesforceHQ10 #1  @TwitterHQ #2  @YouTubeHQ