Singapore Internet marketing Singapore (ISMS) has announced it will launch a new web-based platform, dubbed the Internet Marketing Singapore, that aims to help businesses launch and grow their websites and mobile apps.

The new platform will be launched by ISMS on September 3, and will offer its platform to anyone who wants to create an online presence.ISMS CEO and co-founder Mok Dhammika said the platform will help businesses build their online presence with ease and speed.

He said that businesses will be able to create and manage online content in a quick and easy way, without having to learn any new software or learn how to use web-servers, like many other businesses have to do.

He added that the platform is an innovative solution for Singapore, where digital natives are a minority, but is the best way to help companies grow their online business.

“This new platform is the first in a series of platforms that we will launch with the aim of helping Singaporeans get online quickly and easily,” said DhamMika.ISM will also be launching a mobile app in the near future that will help its users connect with businesses and gain valuable insights from their online efforts.

“The platform will offer a quick way for businesses to get their content to the masses,” said Mr Dhammbika.”ISMS has developed its own platform that we are launching today with the goal of giving Singaporeans a way to connect with their businesses,” he added.ISMs digital platform will provide users with the tools to build, manage and publish online content, and to attract visitors.

The platform will also enable businesses to make their online content more relevant to users.

Mr Dhamamba said that the new platform was an innovation from ISMS, but it is not an exclusive platform for Singapore.

He stressed that Singaporeans are not unique to the country, and that ISMS has been creating the platform for the whole world.

“Singapore is an internet pioneer, with some of the best online advertising, the fastest internet speeds, and a thriving tech sector,” he said.ISms new platform has been developed with the support of Singapore’s Ministry of Communication, Information Technology and Multimedia.

Mr Vahid Sohi, ISMS general manager, said the Singapore Internet Advertising Council has been working on the platform with its Singapore office.ISm also announced that it will soon be launching its online presence at its Singapore headquarters.