Why I’m quitting WhatsApp and joining PwC

I am quitting WhatsApp.Why?It’s the right time to quit.I can’t see myself doing it again.In the next few months, I’ll be travelling, and it’s too much for me to be doing it on my own.I’m going to spend my time travelling.The last few years have been a struggle.I’ve been travelling, doing a lot of travel […]

Why a new platform can save your business from the brink

By Mark RiedelThe internet is no longer a tool for marketing or building a brand.It’s a tool of disruption and transformation.And while the technology behind it has changed since the dawn of the internet, it hasn’t stopped the internet from being a force for good.That’s why we’ve created the world’s most disruptive platform, the Milestone […]

How to find a NYC internet marketing gig

FourFourtwo, the online marketplace for creative and digital marketing professionals, has released a guide to finding the right NYC internet business.The guide, called Finding the NYC Internet Business, is based on a comprehensive study of local marketplaces in the New York metropolitan area and focuses on the best and most promising local internet businesses.“Finding the […]

How to build a web business that’s safe, trustworthy, and transparent

TechCrunch title 3 ways to keep a website trustworthy, safe, and accountable article Tech Insider title Why are Google and Facebook pushing fake news?article TechRadar article TechInsider article The Verge article The Atlantic article The New York Times article Forbes article Business Insider article Mashable article Mashables article The Wall Street Journal article The Washington […]

How to get a free email subscription from a free domain provider

When you’re trying to find a domain name to register a website, the chances are you’ll be looking for a free option.While this is true for all domain names, there are some that have a lower registration fee than others.Here’s a list of the top free domains to register your domain from.If you don’t like […]

How holistic internet advertising works

The term holistic advertising is a broad umbrella term for advertising that attempts to reach an audience that has not seen a specific type of ad before, but which is still in the process of learning.This is the case with holistic ads, which are also referred to as “interactive” or “content-focused” ads, and “organic” or […]