Why you should always be checking the internet art marketer checklist

What’s the best place to look for online art marketing?In an industry that has become increasingly specialized over the past few years, there are more and more places to look, says Artful marketing director Justin Hodge.He advises potential buyers to make sure they’re aware of the marketer’s business and that they’re familiar with the requirements […]

When is the last time you read an

about a game that you thought was brilliant?article You’ve seen articles like this one: http://www.wired.com/2014/03/gamergate-is-going-to-be-a-huge-event/ But when does the last instance of this sort of article actually occur?And what does it say about gaming that people feel so strongly about this kind of thing? As the world’s biggest videogame publisher and publisher of the most popular […]

Arizona State University is a “high-stakes game” for college sports team

A high-stakes college sports game between the Arizona State and Arizona Wildcats is in the books, as the Wildcats defeated the Sun Devils 85-70 on Wednesday night.The game was officially announced on Wednesday, when Arizona State beat the Wildcats 71-65.The win was the Wildcats first of the season.Arizona State is currently ranked #7 in the […]

How to Get More Online Traffic from Ads That Don’t Require a Link

How can you get more online traffic from ads that don’t require a link?The answer depends on how you choose to use the link, and even if you think the link is a great idea.There are many good ways to get more traffic to your site, but in this article, we’ll look at how you […]

Facebook is a billion-dollar business: report

Facebook, the social media giant, reported Thursday that its fourth-quarter earnings beat Wall Street’s expectations by a record $3.5 billion, and it’s expanding its core businesses in a bid to boost profitability.The news is a sign that the company’s core business, the advertising business, is thriving, even as it struggles to generate revenue from other […]

‘Internet marketing is an art’: A report

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How to use your Instagram to promote your cancer research

In January, the National Cancer Institute announced a new cancer research initiative.As part of the initiative, researchers will be able to use Instagram to help them better engage with patients.The program was launched in response to a trend of people posting photos and video of themselves in an effort to raise awareness of their cancers.As […]

The Internet Marketing Association has banned ‘online harassment’ in the workplace

The Internet Marketers Association has released a statement on its Facebook page which calls on employers to take steps to “protect the wellbeing and safety of employees from online harassment and other forms of discrimination”.It says it’s “deeply concerned” about the “recent increase in the use of ‘online abuse’ to harass, intimidate and discriminate against […]