Why we need a new international internet marketing degree for 2018

Posted April 21, 2018 07:48:06International internet marketing is a booming business, with companies across the globe looking to tap into a growing global audience.A recent study found that more than half of internet marketers in Australia are currently studying online marketing.This article looks at what you need to know about international internet marketers to get […]

How to create a Facebook Page without Facebook and Twitter

The social media giants have long been the go-to tool for entrepreneurs and marketers.They’re also increasingly available to small businesses, as the number of people using them grows exponentially.But when it comes to reaching the broader audience, the tools can often be a bit cumbersome.For example, most online advertising platforms require a user to have […]

Why I don’t use Facebook or Instagram anymore

It’s been a year since I signed up for Facebook, and it’s been like five years since I have seen any real growth in my personal and professional life.When I first started using Facebook, I thought it was an amazing platform for sharing my thoughts on social issues and other topics.It was an incredible way […]