Which companies are dominating the internet marketing world?

TechCrunch article “You know you’re not supposed to use the word ‘crowdfunding’ in a tweet,” says one founder who’s raised $2 million from the likes of Facebook and Reddit.“I used to think this was a joke but now I’m actually paying attention.We’re not just talking about the tech bubble anymore.We are talking about a world […]

Internet marketing taxes could increase by a third, study finds

Australian online marketing media have been left scrambling to cope with the internet marketing tax and are calling for the government to introduce new taxes to help fund its $6.2 billion annual budget.The online media sector employs more than a quarter of the Australian economy, and a large proportion of the industry is reliant on […]

Why a new platform can save your business from the brink

By Mark RiedelThe internet is no longer a tool for marketing or building a brand.It’s a tool of disruption and transformation.And while the technology behind it has changed since the dawn of the internet, it hasn’t stopped the internet from being a force for good.That’s why we’ve created the world’s most disruptive platform, the Milestone […]