How to find the perfect internet marketing job

If you’re looking for the perfect job in the internet marketing industry, there are a few key things you need to know to get your foot in the door.First, you’ll want to know where you’re from.For many, the internet is a foreign country, but for others, it’s a familiar one.So where are you from?If you […]

England players, managers are among those who will be affected by internet marketing ban

England football players, clubs and management staff will be hit by the UK’s internet marketing rules, as internet marketing restrictions will be enforced across all football nations.The Football Association announced that the English national team and English Premier League will have to change their online marketing strategies to abide by the new rules, which come […]

Which book will be best for a brand?

The Indian internet market is an opportunity for a company to grow and thrive.The country’s top 10 internet market in terms of internet revenue was worth $21.1 billion in 2014, which means it is worth an estimated $3.4 billion annually, according to a new report by consulting firm Global Media Insight.The report, which covers India’s […]

How the Marriott Hotel internet marketing strategy has changed for the better

RTE1.Marriott Hotel website and mobile app are now live.2.Marriott hotels have partnered with Google to create a website called “MotoMiles”.3.The hotel is launching a new mobile app that includes an “Internet of Things” (IoT) hub, which allows guests to log into their hotel’s online platform and book hotel rooms.4.The company has partnered with Microsoft to […]

How to manage your Facebook ad campaigns

Smart internet marketing is becoming increasingly important for marketers, who are increasingly seeing their campaigns targeted at new audiences, which is a key component of their success.The most important thing you can do is manage your social media advertising campaigns.With that said, if you want to make sure your social marketing campaigns are engaging and […]