Internet Marketing Results: The Big Three Are Getting Better and Better

A new report from the market research firm ICM finds that internet marketing companies are doing better than ever, thanks in large part to their ability to build relationships with consumers.The report, called Internet Marketing Trends: The Power of Consumers, said that online marketing had reached a $30 billion market value in 2017, up from […]

Why online marketers should keep tabs on their performance

The internet marketing industry is getting smarter and better, but it’s getting harder to keep up with the competition, and that’s a bad thing.That’s because the technology behind the internet is constantly evolving, and the same thing that makes internet marketing successful has also made it a less appealing proposition for some marketers.In the past […]

The top 5 brands for online shoppers in the UK

BELLINGHAM, N.Y. — Beating out Amazon, Costco and even in terms of online shopping has long been the norm, but that hasn’t always been the case.It’s a trend that is about to get even better.This week, the e-commerce giant will launch its online sales platform, the Amazon.The platform will give retailers and sellers access […]

How to create a Facebook Page without Facebook and Twitter

The social media giants have long been the go-to tool for entrepreneurs and marketers.They’re also increasingly available to small businesses, as the number of people using them grows exponentially.But when it comes to reaching the broader audience, the tools can often be a bit cumbersome.For example, most online advertising platforms require a user to have […]

You Should Get the Internet Marketing Class You Want, Now: Here’s the Info on How to Do It

It’s easy to get caught up in all the internet marketing buzzwords and buzzwords-laden acronyms and jargon.But before you even start, there are a few things to know about internet marketing that might help you get started and get things done.1.You’re on a budget!It’s a big difference between getting a new job and starting a […]