Australia wins landmark internet marketing tax ruling’s digital team has been given an unprecedented opportunity to shine a spotlight on Australia’s landmark internet advertising laws, which have been hailed as a win for the industry.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) will soon launch a full public consultation on whether to extend the existing net-neutrality rules to cover the internet marketing […]

Internet marketing taxes could increase by a third, study finds

Australian online marketing media have been left scrambling to cope with the internet marketing tax and are calling for the government to introduce new taxes to help fund its $6.2 billion annual budget.The online media sector employs more than a quarter of the Australian economy, and a large proportion of the industry is reliant on […]

When is the internet a business?

When is an internet marketing plan effective?article Businesses can use internet marketing to attract customers, drive leads, and improve the quality of their products.It can also improve the efficiency of their sales processes.For example, an internet marketers marketing plan could offer more targeted email outreach, increased sales frequency, or better customer service.It may also help […]