What do you know about the internet and how does it influence you?

What do I know about Internet?article I like to watch movies, read news, read books, listen to music, watch YouTube videos, listen and read books on the Internet.I’m into music, movies, TV, fashion, fashion shows, music videos, podcasts, and more.I love to be inspired by the creativity and imagination of others.I want to have fun […]

How to find the perfect internet marketing job

If you’re looking for the perfect job in the internet marketing industry, there are a few key things you need to know to get your foot in the door.First, you’ll want to know where you’re from.For many, the internet is a foreign country, but for others, it’s a familiar one.So where are you from?If you […]

My hotel business is doing really well

This is an article about a hotel business in a small town in the United States. It’s about the success of one of my hotels. In the past year, I’ve sold hotels in Atlanta, Las Vegas, and New Orleans. But there’s one other hotel in Atlanta that has been doing great. The name of the hotel is Skyhook. I’ve spent […]

Why I’m quitting WhatsApp and joining PwC

I am quitting WhatsApp.Why?It’s the right time to quit.I can’t see myself doing it again.In the next few months, I’ll be travelling, and it’s too much for me to be doing it on my own.I’m going to spend my time travelling.The last few years have been a struggle.I’ve been travelling, doing a lot of travel […]